DENISE DOLAN - Enhancing Wellness and Relationships through Self-Awareness,Communication and Action


Denise Dolan has helped thousands of people transform their relationships and their lives. Regardless of your age or life experience, Inspired Dating will give you the courage and skill to pursue a life of love and happiness.
Ellwood Thompson's Community Room
4 N. Thompson Street, Richmond, VA 23221


"I learned to make choices that allow me to live in peace in the midst of life's challenges. Stress about financial issues, relationships and health no longer have control over me!"  ~ Robert McCormack, Morristown, NJ
Although I was guided by Denise for only a few short hours, I had the privilege of learning about universal lessons for an entire lifetime. Other leaders may offer similar workshops, but the difference in Denise's presentation is that her very demeanor exemplifies the values of this ideology. I believe Denise to be a highly skilled and gifted healing practitioner and am pleased at this opportunity to highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to maximize their personal wellness."  ~ F. Dorcely, Montclair, NJ
"It is a pleasure, to say the least, to be in the presence of Denise Dolan. Her knowledge alone, amplified, could light up a city. To me, the gentle, matter of fact and unassuming way in which she imparts this knowledge, can take one by surprise, when suddenly, one finds them self healing on a deep level. I think Richmond is lucky to have her and would be wise to embrace her whole heartily."  ~ With gratitude, J.Collins, Richmond, VA 

Effectively express yourself in ways that bring out the best in you, and in those around you
Learn how to express difficult thoughts and feelings 
Create safe ways to experience mutual understanding
Build trust even when you don't agree

Stop Second Guessing Yourself and Boost Your Confidence
Easily and Confidently
Communicate What you Want
Reduce Anxiety About How to Communicate Effectively Even When You Disagree
Improve the Dynamics of ALL Your Relationships
Deepen Trust in Your Relationships at Home, School and/or Work  
View Conflict as an Opportunity to Deepen Mutual Understanding and Trust
Have More Fun in your Relationships
Reignite Chemistry in Romantic Relationships
Replace Tension with Harmony
Improve All of Your Relationship Dynamics

The Quality of Our Relationships Affects Every Aspect of our Life. 

"As a psychotherapist with a private practice, I have seen people in intense pain,regret,shame, anxiety and depression.  In over 15 years of
exercising a curiosity
in self discovery
I have experienced few things as helpful
as Denise’s guidance through these workshops..."

Megan McDowell LPC,MSW, Bernardsville, NJ

to be who you are,
instead of who you are told
you should be."
Denise Dolan
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