DENISE DOLAN - Enhancing Wellness and Relationships through Self-Awareness,Communication and Action
40 Days to Intimacy

Just in Time for the Holiday Season!

Thursday Nights, October 25, November 1 and 8
7:00 - 8:30 PM
40 Days to Intimacy
Increase Trust and Understanding with Your Partner (or Soon-To-Be Lover)
40 Days to Intimacy
For those who want to experience an enjoyable balance of time and romance to help each other come alive in the midst of life’s busy demands and distractions.

Do you yearn to let your guard down and connect more lovingly with the one you care about?  Do you want the dynamics of your close relationships to be easier and more satisfying?  Do you want to trust that you can authentically express yourself in ways that bring out the best in you and your partner?

Learn powerful skills to unravel the mystery of how to safely bring out the best in you and in your partner, while creating a safe haven to be lovers and enjoy life together.  Come alone or bring your partner, singles are welcome.  

Program participants have the right to "pass" and confidentiality is honored.

"Of the many seminars I've attended and countless books I've read on the topic of relationships; the simple, practical and easy to understand teachings of Denise Dolan have, by far, been the most helpful and yielded the best results... highly recommend Denise to anyone who is ready for a fresh start and new perspective on the relationships in their life!"  ~ I.A., Richmond, VA

"I came to Denise, desperate, as my relationship felt like it was on the precipice of its demise. When I explained the imbalance, which I felt was a product of my girlfriend's inability to see my 'air-tight logic,' Denise calmly nodded, smiled and explained the nature of the feminine essence. She proceeded to explain how important it is to speak to the emotion, rather than the rational mind...Her insight dramatically changed that relationship..."   ~ Bill F., Richmond, VA

Enrolling and Participating in the Full Program Includes:
  • Two weeks of class participation

  • One free group coaching session
  • $5 Ellwood Thompson’s Gift Card
  • Save $75 on one private coaching session with Denise

Make advance purchase now for $99 and SAVE $36, OR purchase at the door for $45/week.  Full time students $30 for entire series (present ID at door).  

Money back guarantee for those who participate in the full program! 
40 Days to Intimacy
Increase Understanding and Trust
Price: $135.00 $99.00
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Full Time Student Rate (Student ID must be shown at door):
Ellwood Thompson's New Community Room
4 North Thompson Street, Richmond, VA 23221
Got questions?  Contact: or 800-804-2176.