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Sattva Yoga (as developed by Anand), is ancient and fresh at the same time; a holistic system of teachings from the Himalayan wisdom tradition of Rishikesh, India, long considered to be the birthplace of yoga. 

Sattva Yoga is the Unity of Paths. Yoga, which translates to "union" or "yoke," is more than a reference to a series of physical exercises.  It is a life practice that includes many paths.  Yoga is love.  Yoga is of breath and body, mind spirit, the human and the infinite.  

There are several types of Yoga in the ancient tradition and Sattva Yoga is the unity of all of these paths, not simple, yet a huge toolbox that is inclusive.

Sattva Yoga is a practice that combines meditation, pranayama (breathwork),  asana (postures), laya (flow), kriya (intensive "electric" movement), and free dance, to penetrate the energy layers of the body intended to generate a sense of radical aliveness 

This practice aims to invoke freedom, transformation, and access to a more authentic sense of Self, developing a strong fierce spine that allows for a soft heart with sincerity and humor.


This is not typical American-style yoga 
and you do not have to be a yogi to participate. We only ask that you come with a sense of adventure, a desire to move, an openness to something new, and your enthusiastic presence! 


Please bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water, and an optional pillow, meditation cushion, or blanket to sit on.


Yoga Alliance SymbolDenise Dolan
Certified Sattva Yoga Teacher, Mindful Living & Relationship Coach, Conflict Resolution Teacher, Community Builder, Facilitator, Speaker

Denise lived and studied in India for four months in 2015 under Master Teacher, Anand Mehrotra, where she deepened understanding of Sattva Yoga, a holistic system of fresh, yet ancient wisdom teachings from Rishikesh, India, long known as the birthplace of yoga.  Denise immersed herself in a personal journey that included yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. 

While in India, Denise learned and discovered how to embody "reasonless joy and freedom," and is committed to sharing and teaching these practices in the west. 

Denise taught meditation at the Sattva Yoga Studio, Laxman Jhula, India, and taught young children and teens at the Khushi Project about Mindfulness practices, including the art of Mandala Making.  

Denise became certified as a Sattva Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance in 2015.


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