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Putting An End to Violence Starts with You
In The Wake Of Orlando


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Putting An End to Violence Starts with You

When I studied to become certified in nonviolent communication, I was stunned to discover how many of my thoughts were judgmental and even “violent” towards me and others.  For Instance, it just never occurred to me that skipping a meal to squeeze in another item on my "To Do List" might be considered an "act of violence” against me and my body, especially if my blood sugar dropped and I was unable to function at full capacity. 

I had previously framed and reserved the term "violence" as an act of terror, sexual assault, torture, or murder.

In The Wake Of Orlando

In the wake of further grief, anger, and violence, I invite you to consider how we can make a meaningful difference today, tomorrow, and the next day, as we move forward together here and throughout the world.  I am referring to the latest act of senseless violence that occurred in Orlando.  I cannot imagine what it is like for those directly involved, especially for those who lost a loved one through such an act of violence.

We cannot physically be everywhere at all times to lend a hand, comfort one another, or provide education to lift the consciousness of those who suffer from the disease of hatred, ignorance, malcontent, or popularly accepted ideologies that divide instead of unite.