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The Quality of Our Relationships Affect Every Aspect of Life

"As a psychotherapist with a private practice, I have seen people in intense pain,regret,shame, anxiety and depression.  In over 15 years of exercising a curiosity in self discovery I have experienced few things as helpful as Denise’s guidance through these programs..."
~ Megan McDowell LPC, MSW, Bernardsville, NJ

Experience the Benefits 

Sculpture - AwakenHow Different Would Your Life Be if Your Discovered How To...

Easily express yourself in ways that bring out the best in you, and in those around you?

Deepen trust in your relationships at home, school and/or work?  
Effectively express intentions, difficult thoughts and feelings?
Create safe ways to experience mutual understanding?
Build trust even when you don't agree? 

Stop second guessing yourself and reduce anxiety?
Improve the dynamics in your significant relationships?


to be who you are, instead of who you are told you should be."     ~ Denise Dolan

Conflict is an Opportunity to Deepen Understanding and Build Trust
Have More Fun in your Relationships
Reignite Chemistry in Romantic Relationships
Replace Tension with Harmony
Discover More About You and Those Around You




Authenticity MeterAre you clear about what you authentically desire to be and to experience?  

Do you understand your needs and desires and how to clearly express them? 

Discover a special four step process that can create mutual understanding and deepen trust in your relationships.

Dip into innate wisdom and to effectively express yourself with ease.

Honor your true authentic self and feel yourself come alive.  Make decisions with ease while experiencing greater joy, confidence, and clarity.
"Authenticity is the freedom to be who we are,
instead of who we are told we should be." Denise Dolan 

What we all know but haven't been taught...

Funky dot infinity - GN-YW ColorThis ancient wisdom symbol of INFINITY signifies the practical necessity for balance and harmony in our relationships with life, and especially within oneself.  

We have a relationship with everything: our thoughts, feelings, body, sex, intimacy, patterns, behaviors, home, work, gender, what's in our wallet, food, health...

Understanding HOW to bring the inner self into balance with the outer senses can bring out the best in everyone.  

A Fresh Approach to Ancient Wisdom
Breakthrough the Yin Yang Interaction Factor
While many of us are familiar with the Yin Yang symbol, few understand how to apply its meaning to maintain harmony and balance in our most significant relationships. 

Did you know that the darker color (in this case blue) is YIN and represents "night," the inner self, our source of ideas, imagination, inspiration, intuition, feelings and desires of the heart?  It is dark because it cannot be seen with the outer eyes and represents the feminine essence traits within all of us.

Are you aware that the lighter color (in this case orange) is YANG and represents the outer world of all that we can see, touch, and rationalize with the mind. It is lighter in color because it represents what we perceive with five outer sense.  YANG represents the masculine essence traits within all of us.

Knowing the Difference Between Thoughts and Feelings 
Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Understanding

Intuitive Guidance and Emotional Response Systems
Have you noticed that your mind has the ability to justify and rationalize almost any decision?  Yet your feelings and emotions also play a powerful role impacting your relationships. 

Discover how to become aware of and shift old patterns and behaviors.  Point yourself in the direction of authenticity with harmony and balance. This proven and trustworthy system will allow you to be true to yourself in all situations.
“One of our greatest gifts is our intuition. It is a sixth 
sense we all have - we just need to learn to tap into and trust it.”  Donna Karan
“When it's time to make a decision about a person 
or problem ... trust your intuition ... act.”  
Bud Hadfield

Confident Communication Skills

Learn solid and proven communication skills to bring out the best in you and in those around you.  

Relax as you trust yourself to easily express what your boundaries and what you need in your relationships and circumstances. 

Discover the simplicity of managing and resolving concerns and conflict without resorting to blame or avoidance.  

Turn heads and uplift hearts as you create deeper understanding, allowing mutual trust to rise up in your relationships.
“Even the frankest and bravest of subordinates do not talk with their boss the same way they talk with colleagues.” Robert Greenleaf
“Men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they can not communicate..."  Martin Luther King, Jr

You may have noticed that identifying limiting patterns and behaviors does not transform them.  Having the right tools alone is not enough master of your life.  Mastery requires a commitment of action,with a willingness to stick with it when you make mistakes, or don't get the results you had initially hoped for.  

Many of us have spent years or decades plowing through life without adequate tools to thrive.  Many school curricula teach us how to get a job, make money, blend in with the crowd, and please others--yet few teach us how to be true to ourselves and express with authenticity. 

My approach is not simply about coping or getting by to survive a life of mediocrity, but to thrive, evolve, to grow with ease and grace in our significant relationships, regardless of what life has to offer.  

I share insights, tools, and practices that I researched for decades--and have firsthand experience with.  When I finally realized the ease in which I could overcome old patterns and behaviors to experience happier and more fulfilling relationships, I knew I had found my calling--to share all that I have learned to allow others to experience ease and confidence while deepening understanding, trust, and intimacy in romantic partnership. 

What Others Are Saying About Denise's Work

"I learned to make choices that allow me to live in peace in the midst of life's challenges. Stress about financial issues, relationships and health no longer have control over me!"  ~ Robert McCormack, Morristown, NJ
Although I was guided by Denise for only a few short hours, I had the privilege of learning about universal lessons for an entire lifetime. Other leaders may offer similar workshops, but the difference in Denise's presentation is that her very demeanor exemplifies the values of this ideology. I believe Denise to be a highly skilled and gifted healing practitioner and am pleased at this opportunity to highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to maximize their personal wellness."  ~ F. Dorcely, Montclair, NJ
"It is a pleasure, to say the least, to be in the presence of Denise Dolan. Her knowledge alone, amplified, could light up a city. To me, the gentle, matter of fact and unassuming way in which she imparts this knowledge, can take one by surprise, when suddenly, one finds them self healing on a deep level. I think Richmond is lucky to have her and would be wise to embrace her whole heartily."  ~ With gratitude, J.Collins, Richmond, VA 

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