DENISE DOLAN - Enhancing Wellness and Relationships through Self-Awareness,Communication and Action
So, How Do I Know if We're a Right Fit to Work Together?

It's easy!  Denise provides complimentary consultations to those who are willing to spend 30 minutes with her on a video call or in-person at her office.  And, Denise's clients live all over the world, so you don't need to live in the Greater Richmond area to work with her.  

All you have to do is send a confidential email to and write "Complimentary Consultation" in the subject line.  Within 48 hours you'll receive a "Clarity Tool" to fill out, and then you send it back to Denise by email, post (or you can deliver it yourself in a sealed confidential envelope to her office).  After you send your completed Clarity Tool back to Denise, you will receive an email or text with a special link to schedule your private and complimentary consultation.

The Clarity Tool may seem like a lot to think about, yet this step provides you and Denise with the right information needed to make the most of your consultation together.

Denise's ideal client is one who is committed to self growth and evolution, one who desires to live in harmony with their true nature, to be healthy, and bring out the best in their relationships, whether they are in single or coupled.  Or, maybe you want to better understand and heal a significant connection with someone who is no longer present?  

Denise works with smart and sensitive individuals who want to learn and discover what most conventional educational curriculums left out--How to Bring Out Your Best and the Best in Your Relationships.

A Sample of Private Coaching, Training and Practice Sessions that Denise Provides in her Packages:

Develop & Fine Tune Your Gifts
For Smart, Sensitive Individuals with Unique Gifts.

Bring Out Your Best and the Best in Your Relationships
For Smart, Sensitive Individuals Committed to Experience New Possibilities.

Deepen Trust, Understanding & Intimacy
For Couples Committed to Learning and Growing Together.

Be Authentically True to You & Live with Ease
For Individuals Committed to Authenticity and Extraordinary Ease.