DENISE DOLAN - Enhancing Wellness and Relationships through Self-Awareness,Communication and Action

Denise Dolan is a passionate Relationship Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and Speaker who is committed to bring out the best in you and in your relationships.  She shows singles how to have fun and date with ease while vetting a compatible partner; and she helps couples to increase understanding, trust, and intimacy.  

Denise provides extraordinary step-by-step tools, insights, and practices to help you awaken clarity about what you truly desire to experience.  She expertly reveals how to master clear honest connecting communication skills, and demystifies the secrets of polarity that ramp up trust and intimacy.

How does she know all of this?  From her own life experience of traveling to 24 countries and studying with great teachers of diverse wisdom traditions from around the world--but most of all, through her own personal experience. 

In Denise's Words 
"My 'A+' business skills translated into a big fat 'F' when it came to "As the cofounder of a multinational business firm, my A+ business skills translated into a big fat ‘F’ when it came to love.  

Frustrated, I spent years researching and demystifying compelling approaches that changed my understanding of relationships from the inside-out.  

I traveled to 24 countries and studied with wise teachers from diverse wisdom traditions from around the world.  

I learned remarkable tools, insights and practices that upleveled my ability to choose an ideal partner who eventually became my husband. Yet it's more than attracting a mutually compatible partner (which is a profound ability in itself), I also discovered how to dissolve conflict within myself to allow for harmony and balance in my inner and outer world.  

Rather than take my word on this, I provide my clients with opportunities to have their own life changing experiences.  

Connecting with your ideal mate is only the one part of relationship, deepening connection on an ongoing basis is the true nectar of any meaningful relationship.  

I traveled the world to study, research, and become certified in multiple disciplines.  The great news is that I am willing to share what I learned through providing high end white glove services to a limited number of clients."   

Denise is Professionally Trained, Certified, and Practiced:
editation and Mindfulness Trainer
Sattva Yoga Teacher
Community Dialogue Trainer
Community Builder
Licensed Minister
Healing Practitioner and Self-help Teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu
Recording artist of upbeat affirmations
isual Artist
Facilitator of Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC)
Conflict Resolution Facilitator and Trainer
Certified by bestselling author, don Miguel Ruiz to teach "The Four Agreements" and Toltec Wisdom
Relationship Coach

Denise immersed herself in a four month personal journey under revered master teacher, Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga in India in 2015.  Rishikesh, India, long referred to as the birthplace of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, provided her with a life changing opportunity to let go of what no longer served her to embrace new possibilities--and she is willing to share these practices with you. 

She is a participant in global collaborations
, having served under Dr. Mehmet Oz at Columbia University, New York

Served and studied under Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, California

Rickie Byars Beckwith, songwriter, composer and director of the Agape International Choir.  

Denise studied under best-selling author, Don Miguel Ruiz' first line apprentices (primarily Gary van Warmerdam and Brandt Morgan) and is one of the rare few teachers of The Four Agreements who is certified by the author.   
Denise was invited by Dr. Michael Beckwith to participate as a member of a select audience of 250 people to attend the Synthesis Dialogues, in 2004, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and 40 spiritual leaders, in Italy.  The program was designed to facilitate awareness and understanding of diverse global perspectives. 

She holds a global vision of healthy relationships at home, work and in our communities.

Denise consults for nonprofits, corporations, municipalities and major universities.  She has provided services to the following:

Adult Career Development Center, VA

Adya Yoga and Ayurveda
Alliance for Spiritual Understanding, VA
America Speaks, DC
Atlantic Health, NJ
Bloomfield College, NJ
Catholic Charities, NJ
CarMax Corporate, VA
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Morristown Medical, NJ
Chesterfield County Public Schools Center, VA
Center for Disease Control, GA
Centers for Spiritual Living, CA, MD, NJ, NY
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, NY
Community Action Dialogues, NJ, NY, VA, NC
Conversation Cafe, VA
Delta Academy, VA
20,000 Dialogues for Peace, DC
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., VA
Ellwood Thompson's Local Grocer,VA

First Unitarian Universalist, VA

Frederic A. Fay Towers Apartments, VA
Free Press, NC
Global Religious Science Ministries, VA
Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond, VA
Internet for Everyone, NC
Institute of Noetic Sciences, VA
The Khushi Project, India

Lotus Development Corp, NY
Mended Hearts Association, NJ
Network for Peace Through Dialogue, NY
Osher Institute, VA
Overlook Hospital, NJ
Pathways: Building Lives, Awakening Hope, VA
Partnership for Smarter Growth (PSG), VA
PBS Community Conversations, VA
Pratt Institute, NY
The Red Cross, NJ
Randolph Macon College, VA
Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC), VA
Richmond City Public Schools, VA
Richmond Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities
Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority, VA
Sattva Yoga, Rishikesh, India

Staples Corporate, MA
Unity Centers for Positive Living, NJ, MD, VA
University of Richmond, The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, VA
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), VA

Virginia Cancer Patient Fund, VA
Wealth Creation Summit
2011, VA
Women's Missionary Society, VA

Yoga Alliance SymbolDenise Dolan, Relationship Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Denise lived and studied in India for four months in 2015 under a master teacher, where she immersed herself in a deep personal journey that included yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. She embodied a practice of ancient wisdom teachings in Rishikesh, long known as the birthplace of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 

Denise taught meditation at the Sattva Yoga Studio, Laxman Jhula, India, and taught young children and teens at the Khushi Project about Mindfulness practices, including the art of Mandala Making.  

Bring Out the Best in You, and in Your Relationships​


Denise Guides You with Power and Compassion

Her diverse background provides a unique foundation to meet you where you are to best support you on life's journey.

Denise was the cofounder of the U.S. Division of a successful multinational consulting firm and made a career change in 2001. She has climbed the mountain of life's many challenges and shares with a passionate heart.