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“Sattva Yoga is beyond words, it must be experienced.” Denise Dolan


Denise’s Sattva Yoga Practice is
Denise offers a thorough practice that washes away emotional toxins, invokes clarity, and allows for an experience of radical aliveness and joy!  A phenomenal practice to clear out the past.

Purify! Awaken! Replenish! Renew!
Clear out the clutter of past emotional toxins, stress, and traumatic experiences stored in the emotional body. Unlock stuck energy that accumulates as a result of unhealed events and unfinished business. Shake out challenging emotions from past or present relationships and even energy that accumulates on a daily basis from spending long periods of time on electronic devices that can block your ability to experience RADICAL ALIVENESS and JOY.  Try it out for yourself and have your own experience.

Yoga Alliance SymbolDenise Dolan, Relationship Coach, Meditation & Mindful Living Teacher

Denise lived and studied at the Sattva Yoga Academy, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh, India (long known as the birthplace of yoga) for four months in 2015, under Founder and Master Teacher, Anand Mehrotra.  

And prior to India Denise was no wimp about making significant life changes.  In 2001, she stunned family, friends and colleagues when she resigned as the co-founder of a lucrative and successful multi-national consulting firm to follow her heart.  She studied with profound teachers from diverse wisdom traditions around the world and committed to sharing tools, insights and practices to promote health and wellness in relationships among individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses.  

In 2006, Denise moved from her native state of New Jersey to reside in Richmond, Virginia, where she experienced a significant life disruption. In 2008 she started anew with a powerful vision about Richmond; 58 cents; and the will to succeed. She is now experiencing a successful and joyous life and is thankful for her life teachers and her sincere and loving partner, Paul.

In Denise’s Words…

Through the Sattva Yoga tradition, I cleared out the clutter of lingering emotional stress and trauma, as well as accumulated toxic energy from spending long hours on the computer and other electronic devices that have become a necessity in our high tech culture. 

Sattva Yoga revitalized me in ways that seated meditation and therapy could not reach, and this practice opened my heart and allowed me to experience “reasonless joy and freedom.” While challenging at times, my journey turned out to be an utterly profound and life changing experience. 

I am brimming with delight to share this inspiring and transformative practice of Sattva Yoga with you, and I am deeply committed to sharing these practices in the west.  I also look forward to leading you and others on a personal journey to Rishikesh to provide you with a powerful experience of your own!

Denise taught meditation at the Sattva Yoga Studio, Laxman Jhula, India, and taught young children and teens at the Khushi Project about Mindfulness practices, including the art of Mandala Making.  

Bring Out the Best in You, and in Your Relationships​