DENISE DOLAN - Enhancing Wellness and Relationships through Self-Awareness,Communication and Action


"As a doctor of Rohun Therapy, an energy based spiritual psychotherapy, I have helped patients clear energy fields of false beliefs and trauma for over sixteen years.  I recently began taking Sattva Yoga classes with Denise Dolan and it is the first yoga I have experienced that works on an energetic level to clear blocked energy quickly and deeply.  It is amazing how incredibly easy it is to experience. There is a saying that "healing truly can occur in an instant" and I believe that this applies to Sattva Yoga. Now I plan to go to India to become a certified Sattva Yoga instructor, I must be part of this!"  Dr. Joan Wash, Mechanicsville, VA 

"Of the many seminars I've attended and countless books I've read on the topic of relationships; the simple, practical and easy to understand teachings of Denise Dolan have, by far, been the most helpful and yielded the best results. As I began to understand underlying dynamics and apply powerful principles, I saw my relationships blossom and respond immediately. Now I feel a healthy curiosity to learn more because it works! All of my relationships, romantic and otherwise, are resting on a solid foundation Denise has shared with me. I highly recommend Denise to anyone who is ready for a fresh start and new perspective on the relationships in their life!" I.A., Richmond, VA
"I learned to make choices that allow me to live in peace in the midst of life's challenges. Stress about financial issues, relationships and health no longer have control over me!" Robert McCormack, Morristown, NJ

Although I was guided by Denise for only a few short hours, I had the privilege of learning about universal lessons for an entire lifetime. Other leaders may offer similar workshops, but the difference in Denise's presentation is that her very demeanor exemplifies the values of this ideology. I believe Denise to be a highly skilled and gifted healing practitioner and am pleased at this opportunity to highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to maximize their personal wellness." F. Dorcely, Montclair, NJ

"It is a pleasure, to say the least, to be in the presence of Denise Dolan. Her knowledge alone, amplified, could light up a city. To me, the gentle, matter of fact and unassuming way in which she imparts this knowledge, can take one by surprise, when suddenly, one finds them self healing on a deep level. I think Richmond is lucky to have her and would be wise to embrace her whole heartily."  
With gratitude, J.Collins 

"I learned how to balance myself and immediately started getting along better with my partner, co-workers, friends and family. Working with Denise ignited self-confidence and helped me to improve ALL of my relationships." Anne P., Richmond, VA
"As a psychotherapist with a private practice I have seen people in intense pain, regret, shame, anxiety and depression. In over 15 years of exercising a curiosity in self discovery I have experienced few things as helpful as Denise’s guidance through these workshops. I believe it is the simplicity of "The Four Agreements" concepts that make them so effective for so many people. What these agreements do, intentionally or not, is brilliantly combine strategic psychological techniques, profound spiritual guidance, and active group support that all works beautifully together.  Regardless of what the issue is in your life, there is relief from your suffering…you need only to accept the invitation."
Megan McDowell LPC,MSW, Bernardsville, NJ
The Wellness Village
"My whole life changed as a result of taking workshops with Denise Dolan. I easily lost 50 pounds in 6 months. Despite being labeled as 'depressed,' I gracefully walked away from anti-depressants within months of taking workshops." Marney R., Morristown, NJ
"Through the guidance of Denise Dolan, my soul has truly been awakened. I sought this awakening shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age because I knew there had to be a better way to view my life and the world. I recognized that I could heal myself, both physically and spiritually.
 I will continue to grow and learn and be able to shine my light on others, to help lift their spirits, whether they be co-workers, family, friends or strangers. We all have this ability. We just need to learn how to reach it. Our true, authentic selves are just waiting for the opportunity!" L. Andrews, Cedar Grove, NJ
"I was empowered with self-help methods that were simple and effective as they quickly stopped pain, lessened digestive discomfort, facilitated restful sleep, and even helped to stave off my sister's oncoming asthma attack!" Ingrid A., Richmond, VA